Weblighten, LLC

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About Us

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Our company is called Weblighten. The name itself signifies enlightening the web world., which we try to do in a number of ways.

To further our purpose of enlightening, we offer training in various web and computer technologies and languages such as Ajax, PHP, XHTML, Java, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, ASP.NET, XML, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

In addition to training, our staff of computer and web professionals can aid in development of new systems and/or fully develop them from scratch.

Among other experiences, we integrated PeopleSoft with Java and PHP applications, developed web-based computer applications, developed PHP library for new product development, and written POS-based custom application.

Derek Parnell

Derek Parnell is the President and Founder of Weblighten, LLC. In his 15 years in the computer industry, he has taught college, university and corporate classes, created Microsoft Windows-based and Web-based applications, and founded 2 computer consulting firms, the second of which is Weblighten, LLC.

Mr. Parnell graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science before earning his Master's of Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

Along with his wife Mary Lynn, he spends his spare time in mentoring youth. When time permits, he is an avid soccer player and fan.

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