Weblighten, LLC

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Weblighten, LLC

Our company is called Weblighten. The name itself signifies enlightening the web world, which we try to do in a number of ways.

To further our purpose of enlightening, we offer training in various web and computer technologies and languages such as Ajax, PHP, XHTML, Java, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, ASP.NET, XML, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

In addition to training, our staff of computer and web professionals can aid in development of new systems and/or fully develop them from scratch, specializing in developing intranet and extranet applications.

Among other experiences, we integrated PeopleSoft with Java and PHP applications, developed web-based computer applications, developed PHP library for new product development, and written POS-based custom application.


Internet Explorer, .NET and double posting

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I was working on a project that has a GridView. Each row ends with a View or Edit button and an optional Delete button. When the user clicks on a row's View or Edit button, I do a postback and then show a form so that the user can edit the data. During development, I worked out all the kinks using Firefox as my development browser. Everything seemed good to go so it was time to test in a variety of browsers. I decided that IE was the next one to test out. When I got to the page when it shows the list, everything was good. However, when I clicked the Edit button (View was the same), I would get a blank form.

Uh oh, time to debug. Upon debugging, I found that the page was instantiated 2 times... but only in IE, not Firefox. Pressing further, in IE, the first time the page was instantiated, everything was as I thought it should be: POST values were correct, program flow followed, event handlers executed, everything. However, the second time the page was instantiated -- remember this second instantiated is still within the same post -- it was as if the page was receiving nothing from the post.

So what was the culprit and why the difference in IE vs. Firefox? It turned out that Edit and View buttons were ImageButton controls. These turn into <input type="image" /> HTML tags. Remember that input images are the same as submits so when clicked they submit the form. In my case, the Edit and View buttons had an onclick event that was, among other things, invoking the form's post. What was strange was that IE was actually sending the page 2 times, instead of the client dealing with it as one post like Firefox was.

The end solution was that I had to either change the onclick event to return false, thereby stopping the submit from the ImageButton, or change the code in the function called my onclick so not submit the form.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 October 2010 13:05

Non-sleeping Windows XP

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We have a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop that we've had for several years.  It came pre-installed with Windows XP and has served us well.  Over the past several months, I started noticing that it wasn't auto-sleeping anymore, and worse still, it seemed like the fan would never stop running.  Since we've had it for so long and we've installed and deinstalled many things over that time, I decided it was a good time to format and reinstall from scratch.  It couldn't hurt, right?
After formatting and reinstalling Windows XP (putting in the appropriate drivers and DVD software), I figured I would put the bare-minimum on the box.  I added Firefox, Windows Office, AVG Anti-virus, and did all the Windows Updates.  I now had a clean box, but unfortunately I still had the same problem as before... the computer would not sleep and the fan was on almost constantly.

Oh well, I guess I actually have to do some detective work.... Darn!

At work I was talking to a coworker about a completely different topic and he mentioned how he was using Avast Anti-virus and was very pleased with it.  I installed it on my desktop at home and I found it to be noticeably less RAM and CPU intensive than the McAfee that had been on the desktop.

Light-bulb on!  I started wondering if AVG was the culprit on the laptop.  This morning I deinstalled AVG and installed Avast on the laptop and bingo!  My laptop now sleeps!

So I guess the lesson learned is that not only do I want my anti-virus software to stop viruses, but I also want them to play nicely with my hardware!

Last Updated on Monday, 11 October 2010 13:06